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Dabara Set | Coffee Mug

Rs. 550.00

Tea-kadais in Chennai have stood the test of time despite the rise in uber-cool cafés and fancy juice stands. This quirky Camera-head illustration of a quintessential "tea shop anna" is designed by Bhavya Desai for Chennai Photo Biennale.

A classic mug, perfect for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Contains unique wrap-around art and has a large handle for easy gripping.

About the Artist
Bhavya Desai’s interest in drawing and doodling began when he was a kid and he did a course in animation, where he began making cartoons and caricatures. From vendors selling fresh vegetables on a cart and a maami drawing the kolam early morning to filter kaapi and yogasanas on the beach, his illustrations are a peek into the early mornings of the city.

Material - Ceramic
Capacity - 325 ml
Printing - Digital
Primary Color: White

Availability: In stock Many in stock Sold out

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