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CPB Pro Membership

Rs. 5,000.00

Become a member of CPB to take your interest in the visual medium further, learn photography from masters all the while supporting our initiatives, exhibitions and educational programming!


- This membership is valid for 12 months from date of transaction.



  • - Complimentary membership gifts - Tote Bag and Notebook
  • - Access to CPB preview day guided by CPB in a specific time slot (For members with a 2-year membership)
  • - Invites to exhibition openings with artists
  • - Early access to CPB Foundation events and Biennale programs
  • - A one-on-one portfolio review per year by an established photographer 
  • - Networking: Access to Members-only Photo Walks led by CPB and 2 Meetups per year for meeting fellow-photographers 
  • - Privileged access entry to Artist Talks and Panel Discussions
  • - Virtual membership card - that can be used to access any CPB events
  • - 25% Discount on CPB Foundation Workshops and Photowalks
  • - 25% discount on all products at our online store
  • - Recognition on CPB Website: Your headshot  with your professional work category and a link to your social media page will be displayed

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