Sadir Natyam | Magnet

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What we know as Bharatanatyam today springs from Sadir Natyam - a solo dance form performed for centuries by devadasis in temples and eventually in the royal courts of South India, especially in Tamil Nadu. Illustration designed by Bhavya Desai for Chennai Photo Biennale featuring a modern-day Bharatnatyam dancer.

Spruce up your plain refrigerator or any metal surface. Easily removable and non-messy, you can now play with the wide variety of Camera-Head magnets from our Chennai inspired series.

About the Artist
Bhavya Desai’s interest in drawing and doodling began when he was a kid and he did a course in animation, where he began making cartoons and caricatures. From vendors selling fresh vegetables on a cart and a maami drawing the kolam early morning to filter kaapi and yogasanas on the beach, his illustrations are a peek into the early mornings of the city.

Material: High-Quality Magnetic Sheet Matte Finish
Size: 4" x 6"
Thickness: 0.4mm