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Managing Photo Collections | Level 2 | July 4 2020

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As photographers in the digital era, whether professional or a hobbyist, we end up accumulating thousands of images on hard drives and memory cards. The common challenge facing us all is the organisation and safe storage of our images. This one day workshop, mentored by CPB co-founder Varun Gupta will give you the overview you need to get started with organising your images.

Expanding on the material in the introductory course delivered in May (link), this Level 2 online workshop will dive deeper into photo archive management using Adobe Lightroom. The course will explore the Develop module in detail and walk you through how to colour correct and improve your images. Participants will be expected to complete in-workshop assignments and share screen for feedback.

Varun has been a professional photographer for more than 10 years and amassed 5lac plus images across his travel and assignments. An early mover on image cataloguing and redundant data arrays, Varun will share an effective system that you can put to use immediately. The session will include ample opportunity to ask questions that pertain to your collections and available storage methods and Varun will be happy to extend specific advice where needed.

The course will focus on the use of Adobe Lightroom Classic (desktop/laptop version) as the primary tool for managing and editing photo collections.

Topics Covered
1. Refresher & Short Assignments
2. History & Context
3. Creating a Digital Archive
4. Safe Storage - Backup Options - RAID & Cloud
5. Introduction to Adobe Lightroom - Overview of Interface & Modules
6. File Importing & Folder Structures
7. Selecting Images - Ratings, Flags, Tags and Collections

Detailed Techniques
1. Colour Management & Enhancement
2. Retouching & Gradients
3. Export Module
4. Output Modules - Book, Slideshow & Print

** Zoom webinar link will be emailed a day before the webinar to all participants**

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