Yashica Mat 124G | Medium Format | Twin Lens Reflex | 120mm (8/10)

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Brand: Yashica

Condition: Used

Name: Yashica Mat-124G

Type: Medium Format - Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Camera 

Type of Film: 120 Film

Taking Lens: Yashica 80mm f3.5 Yashinon (f3.5-f32)

Viewing Lens: Yashica 80mm f3.2 Yashinon

Minimum Focusing Distance: 1m

Shutter: Copal-SV Leaf, 1s - 1/500s + B

Yashica Mat 124G was released in 1970 and production stopped in 1986. This was the final TLR released by Yashica and includes many popular features from earlier cameras. 

Twin-Lens Reflex (TLR) cameras are uniquely recognisable for their two lenses. One lens is used for taking the images and the other is used for viewing, focusing, and framing your photos. The lenses are synchronised and of the same focal length to allow for accurate framing and focusing. 

The Yashica Mat 124G TLR shoots in a 6x6cm square format and can take 120 format, 220 format (now discontinued) film without any adapter. The camera may also be used to shoot on 35mm film however an external adapter is needed for the same. The adapter is not included with this camera. 

TLRs sold by CPB Darkroom are film tested for shutter function as well as light leaks. This camera is certified to be in full working condition. Please note that the light meter does not function on this camera. Used cameras sold by CPB Darkroom have been CLA'd by experienced repair technicians. 

The particular body has been inspected by CPB Darkroom and is rated 8/10 for condition. Please note that this is a vintage used camera and thus shows regular signs of wear and tear - the images attached with the listing are of this particular camera. The ground glass is slightly dull. Overall it is a beautiful body and would be the perfect addition to your camera collection!