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CPB 2019 Artist Folio

Rs. 95,000.00

The Fauna of Mirrors is an ancient Chinese myth that behind every mirror there lies an entirely different world inhabited by creatures unknown to earth. Photography is the new mirror portal of our age that creates an alternate universe filled with powerful images that reflect our world while having their own existence as spectres. The romance of photography with its truths and lies has fascinated human beings and become an archive of the planet. The curatorial concept uses the ancient myth to ruminate in a philosophical and poetic way around photography today. Curated by celebrated artist Pushpamala N, the 2nd edition of Chennai Photo Biennale showcased the works of 50 artists from 13 countries across 6 venues in Chennai.

Inside this collectable Artist Folio are the works of ten of the exhibiting artists from CPB 2019 who have graciously donated their works to the CPB Foundation. The Fauna of Mirrors Box is a special edition folio conceptualised by the CPB Foundation and curated by Pushpamala N. Each print is part of a limited edition of 50 with 12 artist proofs. Each folio is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artists. Each donating artist, the curator and CPB Foundation will receive an un-numbered Artist Proof edition.

All artworks are printed with Epson K2 Ultra-chrome Archival Inks on Canson Rag Photographique 310gsm paper in size 13inch x 16inch.

These images are copyright of the respective artist and no reproduction either print or digital is permitted without the express written permission of the artist. The artist reserves the right to use the image in other formats as part of other editions outside of the purview of CPB Foundation.

The CPB Foundation is a public trust registered under Indian Trusts Act of 1882 and was established in 2017 with the objective to promote the photographic art form and make it accessible for everyone.

The Artist Folio is available against a donations as listed in the table along side based on edition number and will be accompanied by an 80G Compliant donation receipt.

Edition 01 - 10 | INR 95000 

Edition 11 - 20 | INR 150000

Edition 21 - 30 | INR 200000

Edition 31 - 50 | INR 250000 

For queries, reach out to | Ph: +91 99620 46204


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