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Launching Analogue Swag!


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Cyanotype Kits


Limited Edition Artist Folio from CPB 2019

The Fauna of Mirrors Artist Folio curated by Pushpamala N. contains 10 archival photographic prints by celebrated international artists and is a must-have for any collector of photography.


Cyanotype Workshop

"Fun and easy to do anywhere! It’s also relatively quick for people without patience. No experience required in photography or printing!"

Antara Tulsyan, Chennai.

Artist Folio

"The folio is great. Enjoyed the selection - the diversity of artists and the humor."

Sanjay Parthasarathy, Seattle.


"These notebooks are fun and a dream to write on, makes a perfect gift for my photo nerd friends."

Rakshit Gupta, New Delhi.


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Analogue Swag

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