CPB ReSpool | Ulta 100| Black & White Reversal Film | 36 exposures | ISO 100

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Film Type: B&W Reversal Film 35mm
ISO: 100
Exposures: 36
Expiration: Fresh stock expiring in 2026


The CPB Darkroom is excited to launch India’s first indigenous Black and White Reversal 35mm Film for still photography - Ulta 100. This film is our homage to classic B&W reversal films like the Adox Scala with our unique twist. Whether you're new to film photography or a seasoned professional, Ulta 100 empowers you to explore the endless possibilities of B&W photography. 

  • Special processing of 100 ISO negative film produces a unique reversal results (positives).
  • To achieve this unique result Ulta 100 must be processed by the CPB Darkroom with our special chemical formulation.
  • Ulta 100 is sold with processing and digital scanning included to deliver a uniform experience to all film lovers.
  • The strips of film will be delivered in archival quality transparent sleeves so you can enjoy the viewing experience at home.
  • Ulta 100 can be mounted and projected through a traditional slide projector for the true analogue experience. Customers can request projector viewing hours from the CPB Darkroom team should you be interested.


Developing and Scanning: 

The developing and scanning includes: 

  1. Processing of your roll(s) at box speed (100 ISO) with our black and white reversal chemistry formulated in-house. 
  2. Scanning of your roll(s) at medium resolution and delivered via email.
  3. Cost of shipping your processed negatives back to you in archival quality transparent sleeves.
  4. The rolls are scanned in a DSLR rig (Auto Colour Corrected). Format: JPEG
  5. We honour the prepaid processing of the roll for a maximum of 180 days from the date of purchase. LINK

The cost does not include shipping of rolls back to the CPB Darkroom for development.


 Features of CPB ReSpool

  1. Professionally machine-spooled in a dust-controlled environment.
  2. All film rolls are guaranteed to have 36 frames.
  3. Specially spooled in DX Coded Cartridges that are suitable for all point and shoot cameras. 
  4. All film leaders have been cut with an industry-standard leader cutter for uniformity.  


What is Respool?

Respooling film is the act of purchasing film in bulk quantities by the 100's of feet and spooling them by hand into used metal cartridges. The film is loaded in a light-controlled environment using specialised equipment and produces results which are identical to commercially packaged films (unless mentioned as untested expired stocks). 

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