CPB ReSpool | 250D | 35mm Colour CineFilm | 36 exposures | ISO 250

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Film Type: Colour Cine Film
ISO: 250
Daylight Balanced

Exposures: 36
Expiration: June 2028

The CPB Foundation via its newly opened Community Darkroom is excited to make available the first batch of ReSpooled Colour Cine film!

Scroll down to see sample images shot with this film.

250D is a daylight-balanced film rated at ISO 250 
which takes the look and image structure that people love in motion picture film but reduces the amount of grain in shadows. This versatile film is well-suited for both students and professionals and allows for pushing and pulling during development and produces great results for digital scans.

250D is unique in the warm colour tones it brings to your images. Whether it is family photos during a holiday on the beach, or street photography from a colourful destination - you will not be disappointed. If you have forgotten your love for film photography, the 250D is a great way to rekindle that joy.

What is CineFilm?

CineFilm refers to 35mm motion picture stock which was the staple of the likes of Hollywood and Bollywood for decades before the popularisation of digital formats. In recent times, the still photography community has rediscovered these stocks and made them part of the film photographer tool chest. The film is characterised by strong exposure latitude and a distinctly cinematic vibe. Motion picture stock has a characteristic Remjet layer which is a dark black base coated onto the film to protect it from scratches. Cinefilm is best processed in ECN2 film development chemistry with a Remjet removal step. It can also be processed in C41 and must be pushed 1 stop for best results - i.e. exposed at 400 iso for 250 iso film and 800 iso for 500 film.

 Features of CPB ReSpool Cinefilm:

  1. Guaranteed fresh and procured directly from Kodak in India.
  2. Professionally hand-spooled in a dust-controlled environment.
  3. All film rolls are guaranteed to have 36 frames.
  4. Cartridges are not DX-coded and hence not suited to Point and Shoot cameras that do not allow the ISO to be set manually.
  5. All film leaders have been cut with an industry-standard leader cutter for uniformity.

What is Respool?

Respooling film is the act of purchasing film in bulk quantities by the 100's of feet and spooling them by hand into used metal cartridges. The film is loaded in a light-controlled environment using specialised equipment and produces results which are identical to commercially packaged films (unless mentioned as untested expired stocks).

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