CPB ReSpool | K100 | 35mm Black & White Film | 36 exposures | ISO 100

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Film Type: B&W Negative Film 
ISO: 100 
Exposures: 36
Expiration: EXPIRED but Certified until Dec 2028


The CPB Foundation via its newly opened Community Darkroom is excited to make available the first batch of ReSpooled Black & White films. Available in 2 speeds, K100 and K400, these films are perfect for everyday black-and-white photography, with a fine grain structure and ample exposure latitude. These versatile films are well-suited for both students and professionals and allow for pushing and pulling during development, and produce great results for both digital scans as well as traditional darkroom prints. Limited quantities are available so grab yours now.

This film stock expired in Feb 2023. The CPB Darkroom team has tested these stocks extensively including technical ISO rating tests that have confirmed that they are in good as fresh condition. The images presented on this page are shot with these film stocks. This film stock is certified for usage until Dec 2025.

 Features of CPB ReSpool

  1. Professionally hand-spooled in a dust-controlled environment.
  2. All film rolls are guaranteed to have 36 frames.
  3. Cartridges are not DX-coded and hence not suited to Point and Shoot cameras that do not allow the ISO to be set manually.
  4. All film leaders have been cut with an industry-standard leader cutter for uniformity.

What is Respool?

Respooling film is the act of purchasing film in bulk quantities by the 100's of feet and spooling them by hand into used metal cartridges. The film is loaded in a light-controlled environment using specialised equipment and produces results which are identical to commercially packaged films (unless mentioned as untested expired stocks). 

*This stock is spooled from bulk Kentmere 35mm film which has been sourced directly from Srishti Digilife, authorised distributers for Ilford and its brand Kentmere In India.



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