CPB ReSpool | K100 | Black & White Film | 36 exposures

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Film Type: B&W Negative Film 
ISO: 100 
Exposures: 36
Expiration: Feb 2023 - film tested and in good condition


The CPB Foundation via its newly opened Community Darkroom is excited to make available the first batch of ReSpooled Black & White films. Available in 2 speeds, K100 and K400, these films are perfect for everyday black-and-white photography, with a fine grain structure and ample exposure latitude. These versatile films are well-suited for both students and professionals and allow for pushing and pulling during development, and produce great results for both digital scans as well as traditional darkroom prints. Limited quantities are available so grab yours now. We are limiting the purchases to a maximum of 5 rolls of each roll type per order. 

This film stock expired in Feb 2023. The CPB Darkroom team has tested these stocks extensively including technical ISO rating tests that have confirmed that they are in good as fresh condition. The images presented on this page are shot with these film stocks. If you are interested to see the results of our technical test we are publishing a blog that will be linked here shortly.

The CPB Darkroom will be offering a mail-order service for film development, traditional contact printing and hi-resolution scanning. More information and rates for these services to be published online soon.

Delivery Timeline:

ReSpool film orders will begin shipping on June 7th 2023 and will be dispatched in the order they were received.  For orders made after June 7th, items will be dispatched within 2 working days. 

About the CPB Community Darkroom:

We are at a critical juncture in human history. With the birth of promptography, we are now in a new age of imagery generated by Artifical Intelligence where the sanctity of the photograph is in question. As if a billion images an hour made on millions of mobile phones was not enough, now a mere thought can generate high-definition images in just about any style you can imagine. In response, the desire to return to the roots of the photographic medium grows stronger by the day. 

The CPB Community Darkroom has been established at this critical juncture as a hub for the experimentation and practice of analogue photography in its many avatars in line with the long-standing interests of the CPB Foundation. Serving a diverse range of interests from film and traditional darkroom printing to alternative printing processes, the Darkroom looks to attract varied audiences from across Chennai and beyond. 

  • The Community Darkroom looks to increase access to film photography by providing products and services that are affordable and professionally managed.
  • The darkroom will offer commercial film development, scanning and printing services including alternative printing services.
  • The darkroom will be open to members as well as the public via a booking system and will be able to provide readily accessible stocks of chemistry, film and paper. 
  • The darkroom will offer regular introductory and advanced workshops in all areas of film photography as well as alternative printing processes like cyanotype, van dyke brown and salt printing and many others. 
  • The darkroom will serve as a research hub for experimentation in analogue photography and will put out freely available articles and videos on the subject.
  • The darkroom will offer a range of products that include re-spooled film rolls, experimental film chemistry, alternative printing kits, pre-coated papers, digital negatives and more.
  • The darkroom will be available for resident artists to work on projects and experiment with historical photographic processes.