Creative carnival for children @ A Land of Stories

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With enthusiasm and excitement, CPB invites you to join us at a Creative Carnival for Children! Held on April 17th, 2022 at The Hub, Egmore Museum, the carnival will host the following fun and engaging activities for children:

- Exploring cyanotype printing
- A Photo Hunt, involving scouring the photographs showcased at the 'A Land of Stories' exhibition for a given list of elements
- 'Find Forage Make', an activity about creating artwork, sculptures, patterns, etc using foraged material such as fallen leaves, twigs, or flowers
- A Caption Contest for a given photograph
- An on-the-spot photo competition
- Activities from 'Peer Ponder Play', an art activity book for children
- A fun half-hour of learning German
- A Story Writing Competition

Join us for an eventful Sunday morning and a fun ride of celebrating art and photography!