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I Love MGR | Collectable Postcards

Rs. 2,000.00

This series is a result of the photographer’s interactions with Vidyasagar – a Bangalore resident who would dress up every day as M G. Ramachandran, the politician and a Tamil film icon who cast an overpowering influence on the politics and cinema of Southern India. The intimate portraits are located in Vidyasagar’s home, a private space invaded by Shiva to ‘capture’ the vulnerability, warmth and acceptance of Vidyasagar aka MGR. This work negotiates a lived reality and questions masquerade as an act. 

Shop this collection of photo-postcards made with special permission from Cop Shiva from his series, I Love MGR with 18 different photographs. Share them with your friends, family and loved ones! 

About the Artist

Cop Shiva is an artist/photographer and earns his name from his earlier occupation in the Police department. Shiva documents the complexity of rural and urban India, focusing on people and portraiture as a genre. He is fascinated with the idea of masquerade and the roles people play in public and private. His works include portraits of urban migrants, people of alternative sexuality, street performers etc. living in the hinterland of urban and rural conflict; a representation of diversity and spirit of our times.

All proceeds from the sale will go directly towards supporting the CPB Foundation.

Number of postcards: 18
Material: 350 GSM Natural evolution paper 
Size: 6"X4"

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