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On the edge of the sea | Classic Tote Bag - Blue

Rs. 800.00

Showcased at Senate House during the 2019 Biennale, Atul Bhalla’s ‘On the edge of the sea’ sheds light on the lives of the fishing communities along the Chennai coastline and how the urbanization of the Chennai "beaches" is disrupting their livelihood.

Made with special permission from Atul Bhalla, these downcycled canvas bags detailed with photographs from his series will ensure you'll never run out of space for everything you'd like to carry.

Each Downcycled tote is unique, actual product may differ in the printed pattern within the same colour family as pictured. 

About the Artist
Atul Bhalla, in his engagement with the eco-politics of water, has been pushing for various thematic links through his multifaceted practice. Primarily using photography, the artist explores histories and associative meanings of sites of everyday living, building narratives through performance and many times using text as well. His own body becomes a vessel in these explorations, as he photographs himself standing, sitting, lying or immersed in these spaces.

Product Details
Made to order: Only 14 pieces available
Material: Canvas
Size: 14" x 16"

Availability: In stock Many in stock Sold out

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