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Stories of the Ocean | Postcard Book

Rs. 840.00

Chennai was built around fishing villages, and the reason it exists as a city today is because of its coastline. For the fishing community that lives and works out of Marina, the beach is simply home – part of their daily struggle to make ends meet while catching thousands of fish off the coast.

Shop this collection of photo-postcards clicked by students of Chennai. This is a tear away postcard book with 21 different photographs, you can now send them to your friends, family and loved ones! Help us spread out the charm that is, Chennai coastline.

About the Artist
Selected photographs from Student's Showcase at the Egmore Museum Theatre exhibited at Chennai Photo Biennale 2019 have been included in this Photo-Postcard Book.
All proceeds from the sale of this book will go directly towards supporting the CPB Foundation Photocamps.

Number of postcards: 21
Material: 350 GSM high-quality paper
Size: 6"4"

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