Digital Negatives for Cyanotype - Upload Your Files

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Print your own photographs into digital negatives for the Cyanotype Process.

You upload your hi-res file and we do the rest. 

If you are uploading more than 1 image, please select the corresponding quantity before adding it to the cart. For A5 negatives please upload files in multiples of two. 

Media [please note the OHP media is no longer available via CPBF]

  • All Digital Negatives are printed on Technova Posijet HD - 175 microns - Printed with Archival Inkjet Inks with Epson p903 - Excellent details and superb tonal range.

We Optimise your Negatives for Cyanotype!

  • Optimised by CPB:  You send us your photos, we do the rest. CPB will convert your images to digital negative, apply the necessary tone curve for cyanotype and print the image on your selected media. If your images are already optimised as negatives we will print them as is.

Paper Sizes

  • A5 - priced at a minimum quantity of 2 - please upload 2 images
  • A4 - available in any quantity
  • A3 - available on request
  • Larger sizes via rolled transparency media will be available shortly

File Sizes: Please upload a minimum of 1MB files and a maximum of 10MB per file at this time. 

Printing Timelines

Orders are usually printed in dispatched within 2-3 working days depending on the number of orders.

Packing & Shipping

Negatives are shipped flat between stiff sheets of cardboard and sent via a reliable shipper with parcel tracking.